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Beijing Foreign Studies University, or BFSU, is one of China’s top universities under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE) of China. Located in Beijing, the university is listed under China’s Project 211 (Chinese government’s new endeavor aimed at strengthening about 100 institutions of higher education and key disciplinary areas as a national priority for the 21st century), Project 985 Innovation Platform (a constructive project for founding world-class universities in the 21st century conducted by the government of China) and the Double First-Class Initiative (program to develop a number of world-class universities and disciplines). With a wealth of expertise in foreign affairs and guided by the motto “Learn with an open mind; Serve a great cause”, BFSU fosters a significant number of professionals with strong language competence who go on to work in and outside China as diplomats, translators/interpreters, educators, entrepreneurs, journalists, lawyers, and bankers, among other occupations and make remarkable achievements.

Funded and entrusted by the MOE of China, BFSU will continue the Chinese Government Scholarship-University Postgraduate Program in the 2024-2025 academic year to cultivate more high-level talents.

I. Admitting Majors

Academic degrees: Doctoral/master’s degree

Admitting majors:

Doctoral candidates & master students:

Teaching languages: Chinese and/or English

Period of schooling:

4 years (Sep.1,2024 to Jul.15,2028)

3 years (Sep.1,2024 to Jul.15,2027)

2 years (Sep.1,2024 to Jul.15,2026)

II. Category & Coverage of Scholarship

Category: Full scholarship with travel expenses born by applicants


●Tuition fee: exempted

●Accommodation fee: BFSU shall provide accommodation free of charge (normally double rooms). The students under this program may also rent apartments in China, in which case BFSU shall provide MA student RMB 700 per month as subsidy, and PhD student RMB 1,000 per month as subsidy.

●Living subsidy: RMB 3,500 /month for doctoral candidate

RMB 3,000 /month for master students

●Medical insurance in China (Please refer to for coverage and procedures)

III. Applicant Qualifications

●Applicants should be overseas citizens holding valid ordinary passports without Chinese nationality as per the Nationality Law of the Peoples Republic of China;

●Applicants should be under the age of 40 for doctoral programs and under the age of 35 for master programs;

●Applicants should be in good health and pass the physical examination for the visa or residence permit of China;

●Applicants should have no records of anti-regulation, anti-public security, or anti-law behaviors. Applicants should be pro-China, have good conduct, abide by Chinese laws and BFSU regulations, and respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people;

●Applicants of the doctoral program should hold a master’s diploma and degree and has excellent academic performance during master studies;

Applicants of the masters’ program should hold a bachelor’s diploma and degree and has excellent academic performance during undergraduate studies;

●Applicants should meet the requirements on HSK and/or IELTS or equivalents scores. For more details, please refer to the requirements of each school and major via Applicants who have learned in a Chinese university with courses taught in Chinese and have obtained a degree from the university do not need to provide the HSK certificate;

●Applicants should also meet the requirements specified in the 2024 Admission Guide for International Students of Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Website for the Admission Guide:

IV. How to Apply

Step One

Apply at BSFU International Student Service System

Website of application:


Register and log in, enter the page for application, check Chinese Government Scholarship (B) for the program, check Doctoral/Master student for the program category, and start application. After the application is submitted, please download the Application Form for Foreign Students to BFSU, and send it to Those who pass the review will receive the Pre-admission Notice of BFSU.

Step Two

Apply at the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System

Applicants who have received the Pre-admission Notice can log in at and apply.

Register as per requirement, fill personal information and submit the application documents. For details, please refer to the Instructions for Chinese Government Scholarship Information System (Appendix 1) and Chinese Government Scholarship Application Documents (Appendix 2). After application, please download the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship for future use.


Beijing Foreign Studies University agency number: 10030

Scholarship category: B

Application category: Doctoral/master program

V. Time of application

Apply at BSFU International Student Service System: From today on to December. 20, 2023 (BJT)

Apply at the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System: From Jan. 5, 2024 to Jan. 15, 2024 (BJT)

VI. Materials recommended to apply on BFSU system (upload to the system as attachments)

●Student Affirmations signed by the applicant (template can be downloaded on BFSU system)

●Copy of notarized diploma/pre-graduation certificate or academic degree

If the original is not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese or English translation should be attached.

●Copy of transcript of academic record

If the original is not in Chinese or English, a notarized Chinese or English translation should be attached.

●Copy of Chinese and English language proficiency certificate

●Copy of first page of valid ordinary passport (valid later than Sept., 2024)

●Other supporting materials, including a personal statement (please upload to “Other Documents” folder), two letters of recommendation (by associate professors or above), CV (over 800 words), research proposal (over 1500 words for applicants of master’s program and over 3000 words for applicants of doctoral program), all written in Chinese or English

●Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (template can be downloaded on BFSU system and should be filled in English, the validity period of inspection results is 6 months)

●Non-criminal Record Report (certificate within 6 months before the date of application)

In addition to the above materials, students currently studying in Chinese schools are required to provide:

●Residence/stay certificate or visa page

●Certificate of Enrollment (please upload to “Other Documents” folder)

●School transfer or drop-out certificate (please upload to “Other Documents” folder)

●Recommendation letter and transcript of current university (please upload to “Other Documents” folder)

VII. Admission Process

(I) BFSU shall select recommended candidates through qualification review and examination. Test notification shall be sent by email. Please make sure your email address is correct and valid, pay attention to related information and reply in time.

List of recommended candidates shall be released on BFSU website ( Candidates not selected will not be notified separately. The list is only for information disclosure and does not represent the final admission result.

(II) BFSU shall send the materials of the recommended candidates to the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

(III) CSC shall invite experts of respective discipline to evaluate the candidates recommended by BFSU. For applicants who pass the evaluation, admission documents will be issued and sent to BFSU.

(VI) BFSU shall send the admission documents to the mailing address applicants fill in on BFSU International Student Service System.

VIII. Notes

(I) Applicants should fill in true, accurate, complete and valid information when doing online application. Those who fails to fill in or provides false or invalid information shall bear all the adverse consequences and obligations if they meet obstacles in examination, admission or entrance.

(II) Graduates in 2024 can first provide the pre-graduation certificate issued by the school and submit official graduation certificate promptly upon receiving it.

(III) The application materials shall not be returned no matter the applicant is admitted or not.

(VI) The final admission is subject to the official admission letter sent by BFSU.

(V) If a student funded by the Chinese Government Scholarship fails to register before deadline or fails in the physical examination for enrollment, the student’s Scholarship shall be canceled. After enrollment, the student shall follow the relevant Chinese Government Scholarship regulations.

(VI) This program is an independent enrollment program. Students who change their schools, majors or study period after enrollment may be disqualified for scholarship.

(VII) Chinese Government Scholarship students are not allowed to enjoy at the same time other scholarships (excluding lump-sum rewards) established by Chinese governments or admitting institutions. If any violation is found, the student’s Chinese Government Scholarship shall be canceled and the already-received scholarship money shall be returned. In addition to disqualification, applicants who deliberately conceal their financial assistance will not be allowed to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship within three coming years.

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